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Schuhkarton 1Biologieunterricht an der Universität Ulm

Am 13.01.2020 ging es für die bilingualen Biologie Schülerinnen und Schüler der 10. Klasse und Frau Herrmann-Purcell für einen spannenden Nachmittag an die Uni Ulm der ganz im Namen der Wissenschaft stand.

On the 13th of January 2020 our bilingual biology class took a school trip to the University of Ulm. We went there by train and arrived at about 12 o’clock. We then had the possibility to eat Burgers at the Burger Bar. At 1:15 we met with Catherine Archer, a British Biologist who works at the University of Ulm. She was the one who held a presentation about the importance of the English language in science. She also gave us some exercises to practice our communication skills. It was very interesting and a great experience. In addition to that she brought another German scientist who told us about his scientific experiments with bats in different countries and how helpful the English language was (when communicating with other scientists from around the world).

After that we went to Mrs.  Archer’s lab where we met some of her Bachelor students. They showed us some of their research with bees and we also had the opportunity to see bee colonies in action. That was very fascinating. Before returning to Langenau, we met Dr. Philipp von Wrangell (who works for the Studienkommission Biology). He gave us some general information about studying sciences at Uni Ulm or abroad. There we also had the opportunity to ask questions.

To sum up, we can say that this trip was very informative and it was great to get a first impression of what it’s like to study at the university.

Written by Julian J., Raphael P., Selina G., and Dilara T. from class 10

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