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Rezension "One of Us is Lying"

Die Schülerinnen des English Clubs haben im Dezember/Januar gemeinsam das Buch "One of Us is Lying" von Karen M. McManus gelesen und sich anschließend mit englischen Buchrezensionen beschäftigt. Danach entstand die Idee, eine eigene Rezension für die Schulgemeinschaft des RBG zu schreiben. Hier das Ergebnis:

Book review: One of Us is Lying

The author Dorothy Allison once said, “Things come apart so easily when they have been held together by lies”. A striking example of this quote is the book One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus. The book follows the story of high school students Addy, Nate, Bronwyn, and Cooper as they are suspected of the murder of Simon Kelleher who allegedly dies from an allergic reaction according to the investigators. Each of them has secrets which they would protect at all costs. The only question is, how far will they go to stay out of the spotlight. Shocking truths will be unraveled, and friendships will be tested.

One of Us is Lying is an engaging, and surprising book which is hard to put down. Each time you think you know who murdered Simon, a new revelation is around the corner. This builds up the tension towards the climax of the book. The author delves into the personalities and thoughts of each suspect to keep the reader guessing who committed the murder until the very end. Every few pages the narrator and point of view changes, giving us a view on the characters’ personal drama and how they are dealing with being murder suspects. It also gives the reader the opportunity to see every side of the story. Not only does the book deal with the murder of Simon Kelleher, but it also shines light on different aspects of society. Addy’s abusive relationship with Jake, Bronwyn’s boyfriend no one expects, Nate’s probation and dysfunctional family, and Cooper standing up for his relationship that his conservative family doesn’t approve of.

We would recommend this book because it is gripping and keeps the reader on its toes. We think that especially teens would be able to relate to some situations of the high school students and the struggles they are facing. While reading this book we kept changing our thoughts on who we suspected as murderer, and we really enjoyed putting together all the clues. Although the plot may appear complicated, the author’s style is easy to follow even if you are not an advanced reader in English literature. So, if you like unraveling mysteries and books full of suspense, One of Us is Lying is worth checking out.

The girls from the English Club